An In-Depth Comparison of Remarketing and Retargeting Services

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Re-targeting services

Alone among re-targeting companies, we listen to every phone call and read every form submission generated. And then display them in real-time through an online dashboard. You are then able to review and take action on leads while they are still fresh. And we are able to optimize your campaign off validated leads instead of basic conversion data. 

Brilliant inventive work goes just so far in retargeting. Without exact lead tracking and campaign analytics, knowing which components of the campaign are working and which are not. Our in-house team of analysts and technicians is highly trained, providing you with accurate data.

How it works

Retargeting services must be carefully orchestrated. Your campaign is coordinated from start to finish by a dedicated account manager. He experienced and adept at both developing strategy and managing communication. This allows for maximum transparency, continuous improvement and continuity.

Our retargeting agency delivers campaigns using careful strategy, technical proficiency and persuasive ad design.

When working with us, expect transparent work and communication, strategic campaign management and technical expertise in every aspect.

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managed spend allocation

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Managed Spend Allocation

Your consultant makes strategies for how to allocate spend based on historic campaign performance, target audience and other variables. This ensures that advertising spends always funneled toward channels that yield maximum returns.

Rad Media Co’s PPC consultants can manage retargeting campaigns via AdRoll and other leading retargeting tools to assist you with:

  • Audience segmentation: A retargeting platform makes it easy to segment audiences according to how they interact with your site. For example, you can characterize audiences dependent on activities such as what pages they visit, what buttons they click. How many impressions they have been served, whether or not they’re part of an existing campaign audience in your CRM and much more.
  • Geo-targeting: The market for local services on the web is enormous. In fact, nearly half of all web searches have local intent. Geotargeting allows you to make area parameters to help you retarget users based on their proximity to specific markets.
  • Reporting and attribution: Your PPC advisor tracks conversions, make custom reports, and measures campaign execution. This will be done by tracking average CPC, cost per acquisition, return on advertising spend (ROAS) and other key metrics.

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Email marketing service

Email Marketing

Email Marketing conveys so much more than the conventional email signature. It changes your emails into a amazing marketing instrument which could create a new income stream for your business. Unlike branding tools, which essentially applies an email signature, our Email Marketing arrangement does this thus significantly more.

Search Engine Optimization in sacramento


Our SEO group will help you build your brand online, get seen and get found by your customers. Our process enables you with your reputation and makes you reach more target clients for your business. We handle National SEO, Local SEO and Maps Optimization.

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Search Engine Marketing

Be where your clients are looking, when they are searching for your items or services. We take the guesswork out of SEM (PPC) and make it so it shouldn't be difficult to comprehend. We optimize your missions to guarantee we are getting you to focus on traffic that you want.

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